Therapy Intervention

Our Unique Approach to Therapy Intervention

Our approach to therapy intervention is unique in the health care industry and involves a duality of caregiver involvement and the application of new technologies.  The current norm, employed by most therapy clinics, is to exclude the caregiver from involvement in the treatment process.  Quality of LifeOur goal is to improve the quality of life and independent self care. We believe and make practice that caregiver involvement in the treatment of their loved ones is the key to successful intervention. Direct involvement in treatment helps the caregiver to help the child. We believe greater progress is made when caregivers gain knowledge of the disability. Understanding the structure, beliefs, and routines of the client's family is extremely advantageous to successful intervention. This can be accomplished by understanding the parent's point of view about family life, and by conveying therapeutic intervention in terms easily understood by every family member. As a result, we look at the impact the disability is having on the family system, and determine the dynamics of its effects on the individual family members. On the technical side, specialized equipment is used to address both the vestibular and cognitative areas of treatment.  We incorporate the Dynamic Listening System in conjuction with the Interactive Metronome to provide measurable positive outcomes, which, demonstrate greater improvements in quality of life while shortening the treatment period.  This results in a substantial cost savings to both the insured and un-insured population.

Therapeutic Life Skills Offers a Unique Approach to Therapy Treatment



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