What is the Tomatis Method?

The method named after Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis a French ear, nose, and throat doctor made astonishing medical and psychological discoveries that led to audio-psycho-phonology, or the Tomatis method. Called auditory training, auditory stimulation, and listening therapy, the purpose of this treatment is to re-educate the way we listen, and it is used in over two hundred and fifty treatment centers world wide.

The Tomatis method claims to benefit a wide variety of people. People suffering from auditory processing problems, dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, autism, and learning disorders can improve their communication and social behavior by auditory stimulation, which can eliminate or reduce the severity of the disorder. This is based on the belief that the symptoms of these disorders are not caused by the disorder itself, but by a sensory regulation problem that begins in our most primordial sensory instrument, the inner ear. In addition, those suffering from depression, low self-esteem, or just wanting to learn a new language or fine tune their musical talent can also benefit from this unique treatment. Attention, focus, learning, and language abilities can all be improved by retraining the ear to listen using charging high-frequency sounds.


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